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Yasser Yusean, Drain Doctor Leicester
“The support is great especially with the regional meetings as there is always something new to learn. It’s also great to have a get together with other Drain Doctor franchisees as there is so much to learn talking to one another.”

Yasser began his Drain Doctor journey as a plumbing apprentice but recognised the franchise business as an opportunity for the future.

John & Lisa Parker, Drain Doctor Oxford
“The day to day of running your own business gives you a real buzz. We enjoy the challenges and tests we are faced with daily, but the overall freedom we have over our own lives has enabled us to live a much better lifestyle than we could have ever imagined before.”

Find out how John and Lisa used the Drain Doctor model to build a more flexible lifestyle.

Eve & Stuart Callister, Bright & Beautiful Malvern
“I was really impressed by the breadth of brands within the Neighbourly family. This creates huge opportunities for networking with more experienced business owners across all brands.”

Stuart started his business in 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Him and his partner have moved to a high-street premises, employing 15 professional housekeepers.