Reunion 2016

Industry News Jun 13 2016
By Elliott Boyden

Every year, Dwyer UK and Drain Doctor have had an annual conference, in which all franchisees get together. There are talks and presentations from various members of the team, down time where everyone can bond and an awards show on the last evening. These conferences normally span over a weekend and everyone has a good time. This year, as Drain Doctor recently joined the Dwyer UK family, the conference was bigger than ever. This year it was called Reunion instead of a conference and we saw a lot of faces there.

It was great for all the franchisees to get together with others from their own brand, but it was also lovely to see everyone chat and mingle with the other brands as well. There were talks that were specific to each brand, so it was full of information for everyone as well as an opportunity for a fun weekend.

The feeling of collective happiness spread throughout the whole event, from head office colleagues to franchisees. Everyone had a fantastic time whilst also learning updates about the brand and any changes being made within the company. It was also a chance to meet the new Vice President of operations for Drain Doctor and for franchisees to put new faces to names that they haven’t met before and voices they have only heard over the telephone.

The Reunion went so well, the plans for next year are going to be even bigger than before. The integration of Drain Doctor and Dwyer UK was such a success, the intention for 2017 is to join the different branches of Europe together, with Dwyer UK and Dwyer EU meeting to build bigger and better relationships with the whole company!

Drain Doctor
A Secure Investment with a Proven Track Record of Success
A Market Leader in Its Industry with Very Limited Availability
Mr. Electric
An Established Electrical Business at the Forefront of the UK’s Electric Car Revolution
Bright & Beautiful
A Profitable, Scalable Business Model Providing In-Demand Services
Aire Serv
Pioneer a Global Franchise Opportunity New to the UK


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