Our Panel of Pros at the Dwyer EU Reunion 2017

Industry News May 5 2017
By Elliott Boyden

We’ve had such a fantastic time so far at our Dwyer EU Reunion in Prague and we were especially excited for our Panel of Pros segment today. We have a handful of some of our most experienced franchisees from their perspective brands to have a Q&A session to help the younger or less experienced franchisees get the most out of their business.

We have Michael Baddeley, Jim Watson, Rob Simpson and Kevin Preston from Drain Doctor and Mark Ryland from Mr. Electric. They have each been running their businesses for many years and have utilised the franchise system to built a stronger presence within their territories.

When another franchisee asked, “What is the benefit of being a part of the franchise when you can do everything you have done on your own?” Mark Ryland replied with, “Well, where to start?”

“If I were to walk up to a £200,000 job as ‘Mark Ryland Electrical’, I wouldn’t even get looked at. Being a part of a much larger brand and having the strength of that brand behind you, you have so many more opportunities and can push your business a lot further than if you were working alone.

“If you had a question or problem on your own, who would you ask for support?” Mark added.”Would you call another electrical contractor? You can’t, because, guess what? They’re your competition! With a franchise, you can ask your neighbour or someone that has had a similar problem in the past who will not only be able to support you with anything you need, as they would have been through it themselves.”

Rob Simpson supported this by saying, “You have a lot more support available to you when you are part of a franchise network. When I started out, I knew that houses have plumbing and drainage, but that was about it. That’s the beauty of franchising! You can go into business even in an industry you don’t know because you have enough support around you to learn everything you need. You have support in best practices, recruitment, systems, you name it. You don’t get that when you’re on your own.”

Micheal also mentioned that “The networking in franchising is invaluable,” as you will not gain the wealth of knowledge and experience when going alone in your own business, and having that network heir to support and guide you is what really is great about franchising. Jim agreed by saying that he wouldn’t do anything differently if he were to start over.

Kevin commented, “When we first started out, I had a few technicians leave and start their own business. At one point there were about six of my previous technicians all in the Yellow Pages. Not one of those guys is still in business now.” Kevin is celebrating his 24th year with Drain Doctor this year and is still going strong, which really reflects how being part of franchise gives you much stronger foundations to build upon and pushes you into realms you would have never thought possible.

Drain Doctor
A Secure Investment with a Proven Track Record of Success
A Market Leader in Its Industry with Very Limited Availability
Mr. Electric
An Established Electrical Business at the Forefront of the UK’s Electric Car Revolution
Bright & Beautiful
A Profitable, Scalable Business Model Providing In-Demand Services
Aire Serv
Pioneer a Global Franchise Opportunity New to the UK


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