Onward and Upwards for Drain Doctor!

Industry News Jun 6 2016
By Elliott Boyden

Since Drain Doctor® has been welcomed back into The Dwyer Group® family, many positive changes have happened, and there are still many more to come. However, one of the biggest and best has to be the introduction of the Advisory Council – a new way to enhance the communication on a company-wide basis.

The Advisory Council is made up of five franchisees and two colleagues from head office. The members form the network have been voted for and appointed by the whole network as they are the franchisees that are thought to best represent the voice of the network. It is there as a way for every franchisee to have their say in an organised way. Each franchisee member of the advisory council is a representative for a group of other franchisees. Their franchisees can then tell them any issues or ideas that may be having and the representative can bring these up at the next council meeting for the whole team to address. This way, all issues and ideas can be discusses and decided with the whole business taken into account, and everyone’s voice and ideas incorporated into the company as a whole.

This is a massive step forward for the Drain Doctor business as it truly encourages communication and involvement with the processes and changes being made. The first advisory council meeting took place in May 2016 and it was a fantastic success. Issues that had been floating around the network that hadn’t been properly addressed were discussed and sorted within this meeting. Everyone also went away having a clear idea of where the company was heading and how we were planning to get there. It is an incredible way for everyone within the network knowing the goals and how to get there and making a contribution to these goals in the first place.

The Advisory Council is there so all franchisees are heard and enjoy being part of the bigger picture, and also appreciate that they are being listened to and taken seriously. This innovative idea is now fully functional across the network and everyone really is noticing a positive improvement in communication between the franchisees and head office, and also the franchisees as a whole. This is one of many advancements that are being put in place to develop Drain Doctor and make it the best plumbing and drainage company out there!

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