Introducing new Customer Service support, Ian McLaughlin

Industry News Apr 18 2018
By Elliott Boyden

Committed to supporting franchisees toward success, the Dwyer Group has introduced a new initiative focused on providing additional Customer Service support for franchisees’ businesses.

The Dwyer Group is founded on a code of values which, at its root, is firmly customer-focused. It is the heart of each franchise to understand customers’ needs and offer them the most effective solution.

Our franchisees want to be confident this filters through to their staff, who know how to focus on the customer from the moment they pick up the phone. But not all franchisees are yet in a position to employ someone to focus on customer service from the outset. This is where the support of the Head Office comes into play for you.

Introducing Ian McLaughlin…

Ian has enjoyed a successful 16 year career in both sales and customer service, and seemed the ideal solution to the Dwyer Group’s desire to offer increased support to franchisees.

“I reached a stage in my career, where I had literally reached the highest level in the corporation I previously worked with, and was looking for change in career which would both challenge me, and use the skills I’d already gained,” Ian says. “The opportunity with the Dwyer Group looked really attractive. I can develop my role by developing the services we provide to franchisees.”

Ian started as the Dwyer Group’s new Internal Customer Support in January. “This is an exciting new direction, we have introduced,” Ian enthuses. “I am here to support the franchisees – especially our smaller, or newer ones, who can’t always be near the phone. Whereas, I can be! This leaves them free to develop their business in their own way, by taking advantage of our new service.”

Supporting your franchise

Ian will be the friendly voice on the end of the phone, ensuring your customer receives the attention they expect. “I will book the jobs with franchisees’ customers, passing on the contact to the engineer. I will then communicate with the customer about when the engineer is due, checking-in with them after the job has been completed, to ensure everything went okay and they are happy. Anything I can do to support our franchisees with their customers.”

Whilst still new in the role, Ian has already provided support for franchisees across the Dwyer Group. “Some franchisees use the service when they go away, or if their own Customer Service Representative (CSR) is unavailable. They want to ensure they don’t miss those important customer calls. One franchisee, in Aberdeen, has already benefitted as I booked two jobs in one morning. He potentially would have missed out on these, as his regular CSR was away.”

This is Ian’s first venture into the world of franchising, and he has already enjoyed the multi-business aspect of the role. No two days are the same, and no two customers are the same! “I have spent time speaking with some of the franchisees, building-up a relationship with them. If I am going to be the right kind of support they need, they need to feel confident in me, to know they can trust me with the most important aspect of their business. I am a people person, and enjoy chatting to customers on the phone. It’s about them, their needs, and us finding the solution they want.”

Ian can already see scope to develop the CSR department within the Head Office, to offer increased support to franchisees, “I can see the potential to build a team of CSR’s who are all on-hand, ready to support our franchisees as much as possible, whenever they need us. For now, I need to ensure I am able to be the support franchisees need in this moment. But I’m looking forward to being a positive impact on each franchise, as well as in the Head Office.”

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