Bright & Beautiful takes recycling into its own hands during Recycle Week

In the Community Sep 23 2019
By Elliott Boyden

In support of Recycle Week (23-29 September), Bright & Beautiful, an eco-friendly national domestic professional housekeeping franchise business, is tasking its network of 65 franchises to take recycling into their own hands and take action to protect the environment.

Joining the fight against climate change, Bright & Beautiful is committed to reducing the company’s environmental impact by cutting plastic usage and waste of its eco-products, whilst building awareness of recycling amongst its housekeepers and clients.

During this week-long campaign, which is organised by WRAP under the Recycle Now brand, Bright & Beautiful is capitalising on this heightened awareness and involving its franchisees and their housekeepers to act and focus on getting recycling right, as well as encouraging their clients to change their recycling habits.

From organising litter picking in local communities to kids recycling scavenger hunts and hosting recycling quizzes with clients, the 800+ Bright & Beautiful employees are carrying out a number of activities and initiatives throughout the week to ensure recycling is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Sue Moore, Managing Director of Bright & Beautiful, added: “What and how we recycle really matters and we must all work collectively to tackle this problem together. Sustainability is at the heart of our business and we are taking action across our business to do things in a way that has the lowest negative impact on the environment, from the biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products to reusing containers for mixing solutions to reduce plastic usage.  Already an advocate of recycling, we are proud to support the Recycle Week campaign and to take this opportunity to shift recycling behaviours.”

Craig Stephens, campaign manager for Recycle Now, said: “This year we’ve all taken more notice of our impact on the environment, and realised that recycling is part of reducing that impact. More and more of us are recycling, so the next step is to make sure we get our recycling right and better than ever before!”

To find out more about Recycle Week, and to use the Recycling Locator to find out what to recycle where you live, visit

For further information about Bright & Beautiful or to find your nearest franchise, visit

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