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Industry News Jul 13 2016
By Elliott Boyden

We are entering a new era for Dwyer UK. With many changes happening here, one major change for franchise development is the new Awareness Days. The awareness days aren’t a new thing, they have been around in the past, but they are now being utilised in a much more thoughtful way.

They are there for potential investors to visit head office, learn more about the business and get a real feel for the company. Franchisees and members of the team at head office give presentations and answer questions anyone may have and are a fantastic resource for anyone who is thinking of investing.

The new awareness days have been an amazing success so far, and the feedback we have had from potential investors who have attending are saying how these events are really helping in their decision. The awareness days are another way to fill potential investors with confidence in the company they may be buying into and helps them decide what they want to do.

These events are great as the current franchisees that come to present give an unbiased opinion and answer all questions honestly. The people that attend the awareness days won’t go away feeling like they have had a business oversold to them in a sickly sweet way, as they will get truthful and honest answers from the people who speak – good and bad.

If you are ever looking to invest in one of our franchising opportunities, make sure you come along to an awareness day! They are most certainly worth the time and will help you in your decision about where to invest!

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