How to set up a Franchise

Setting up your own franchise business is very different to starting a business from scratch. Your journey starts by researching which franchise brand suits your ambitions and skillset. From there, the franchisor will facilitate your growth, working alongside you to implement their proven business systems and softwares.   

Despite extensive training and support delivered by your franchisor, the time and effort you commit to your new business will heavily contribute towards its success or failure. Ensure you are fully aware of what is required before joining any franchise opportunity.

Do Your Research

Starting a franchise business begins with your initial research. There are various types of franchise available for you to invest in, so you need to make sure that the business you choose is the right choice for your future.

Ask the franchisor about their business systems, franchisee training and ongoing support. You should also clarify what is required of you to make your new business a success.

Later in the recruitment process, you will be required to prepare a prospective business plan. At this point, you will be able to assess if the returns match your ambitions.


The Neighbourly Way

First Contact Our first contact is an important step for both parties. You get the chance to ask all of your initial questions, and our team has the opportunity to understand your goals and ambitions.
Discovery Phase Here we delve deeper into the franchise opportunity of your choice, discussing top-level financials and allowing you to speak to an existing franchise owner.
Visit Neighbourly Support Office At our Orientation Day, you will meet the support team at our head office. You will learn more about operating your franchise and be presented with your franchise agreement.
Start Trading Once you’ve signed your franchise agreement, you will be enrolled onto our initial training course and the team will begin to set up your business for launch.
Yasser Yusean, Drain Doctor Leicester
“The support is great especially with the regional meetings as there is always something new to learn. It’s also great to have a get together with other Drain Doctor franchisees as there is so much to learn talking to one another.”

Yasser began his Drain Doctor journey as a plumbing apprentice but recognised the franchise business as an opportunity for the future.

Utilise Your Franchise Package

Each franchise opportunity should provide you with the tools to build a successful business. It is essential that you use these tools effectively to progress your franchise branch.

It is important to follow the franchisor’s processes throughout your term as a franchise owner. They are experts within their field and have the data from a network of like-for-like businesses to advise you on the correct decision.

Drain Doctor Employees Standing In Front of Vans

Be Committed

Starting a business requires your full attention, and franchises are no different. Whilst the startup process is streamlined and your decisions are guided by an experienced team, nothing can replace a dedicated business owner with a passion for their work.

Align your thinking with that of your franchisor and adopt their core values to achieve a mutually successful relationship.

Start your Franchise