Yasser Yusean – Drain Doctor Leicester

For Yasser, his Drain Doctor journey started before he became a franchise owner. “When I was in my last year at school I called several companies to see if I could do an apprenticeship with them. I started going on my weekends off from school to gain some experience and to see if I enjoyed it. I found the work to be pretty difficult, but I enjoyed the challenge of every job being different. I decided on doing my apprenticeship at Drain Doctor for 2 years.
Yasser gain enough experience to go out on the tools on his own and work full-time as a Drain Doctor employee. I was only until his ex-boss was looking to sell his business did Yasser really consider taking on a Drain Doctor business himself.

“I spoke to Samantha about how I enjoyed the work at Drain Doctor and what a great business it is. We arranged a meeting at head office, and Samantha decided on purchasing Drain Doctor Leicester which was one of the areas I had worked in the past. As I had previously worked here as an engineer and knew it was a great business.”

After 8 years as a franchise operator, Yasser now enjoys his role as a manager as opposed to on the tools.

“I enjoy managing and training the technicians at Drain Doctor Leicester. This along with planning my own diary are part of the benefits of being your own boss. You can create a great work-life balance.”

This hard work has also led to recognition within the network. He & Samantha won ‘New Franchisee of the Year’ which he says gave him great confidence in the way they were running the business. The business has also grown significantly in size Yasser explains “We started with an average van and our main goal was to be able to get a brand-new van and jetter as its always great to look the part. Within the first 18 months, we had achieved this and treated ourselves to a brand-new van and jetter which was great!”

Despite this success, it hasn’t come easy. Starting any business is tough work with Drain Doctor Leicester being no different.

“New franchisees should ensure that they have technical knowledge, or they are ready to employ a technician immediately. Running a business isn’t easy and takes time and dedication to build it into a successful operation. Finding great staff that are willing to provide great customer service and help you grow the business.”

There’s no doubt that Yasser & Samantha have been the key to building a successful business, but they recognise the benefits of having the Drain Doctor systems and support behind them

“The support is great especially with the regional meeting as there is always something new to learn. It’s also great to have a get together with other Drain Doctor franchisee as there is so much to learn talking to one and another. If you ever need any help the support is only a call away. You just need to call Alex [National Accounts Manager], or the team and they are all ways on hand to help you. You never get told we will call you back shortly someone will always help you immediately.”

Yasser continued “There are many advantages of being part of a franchise things like the support is always there whenever you need it be it technical or paperwork. You can take on larger contracts as you cover a much larger territory. Just being part of a large brand gets you noticed and you get so much more work! You’re always up to date with the latest technology. Branding is a key factor into getting you work and with Drain Doctor you most certainly look the part. Your technicians can go on training days and meet others and learn how to serve a customer in the best possible way. Then it’s not just you telling them they will know that others also give great service.”

It’s safe to say that investing in Drain Doctor has really made a positive impact on the lives of Yasser & Samantha. They enjoy going on nice holidays and weekend trips and also have the opportunity to watch the cricket! But the hard work doesn’t stop here with Yasser outlining big personal and business goals for the next 5 years

“For the business, we would be like to win a couple of good tenders which would enable us to have a large business. On a personal level, we would love to visit Barbados for our next holiday.”

Congratulations to Yasser & Samantha for all of your successes so far from everyone at Neighbourly. Keep up the good work!

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