Rob & Sam Simpson – Drain Doctor East Anglia

Name: Rob and Sam Simpson

Franchise Area: East Anglia

Your Background: “We started with no previous plumbing or drainage experience, I have 20+ years in sales and marketing, and Sam has experience in HR and Interior Design”

Why did you want to start your own business? “We had two or three options – take redundancy, work in London but not see the family much, emigrate or buy a business”

Why Drain Doctor? “I was made aware of a business that was for sale, I looked at the figures and it seem financially sound and I liked the idea of having the back up of a franchise network given we had no experience of plumbing or drainage.”

What do you enjoy most about owning a Drain Doctor business? “It’s a lifestyle business which provides great job satisfaction as we help people at times of need. It is great to build and work with an excellent team while knowing we are also building for our own financial future.”

Your greatest moment as a Drain Doctor Franchisee: “Winning Franchisee of the Year in 2017 which was as a result of steady growth brought about by the excellent customer service provided by our superb team”

What has Drain Doctor enabled you to do which you couldn’t have otherwise? “I can take more holidays! Also, I derive immense satisfaction from help our team fulfil their own goals.”

What advice would you have for those looking into starting a franchise? “Do your research, find a business which provides superb levels of customer service, understand that the royalty fees you pay would only be paid in other ways if you outsourced the work your Franchisor did to help you grow your business.”

What have you learnt about yourself during your time as a franchisee? “I have grown a lot during our 9 years as business owners and have learned to be more patient as others do not always share my own sense of urgency.”

What do you like to do in your spare time? “We spend time as a family, enjoy our holidays and we are both involved in local sports clubs as volunteers.”

What are your personal goals for the next 5 years? “We are looking at having a fantastic decision to make within the next 5 years…watch this space!”

How did you reward yourself when you hit your first business goal? “A month in New Zealand to celebrate our birthday plus winning our first large tender.”


Drain Doctor
A Secure Investment with a Proven Track Record of Success
A Market Leader in Its Industry with Very Limited Availability
Mr. Electric
An Established Electrical Business at the Forefront of the UK’s Electric Car Revolution
Bright & Beautiful
A Profitable, Scalable Business Model Providing In-Demand Services
Aire Serv
Pioneer a Global Franchise Opportunity New to the UK


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